Welcome to the TxT office!

The TxT office is a collection of small, but strong, tools for writing and editing text.
They are centered on the Outliner MemPad, and are kept together by a menu, helpfiles for the system & programs, and a guide to setting up your own system.
It is meant for the prolific writer, who wants to take notes on many subjects - and save them in durable formats;
.txt + .htm + .csv + .xls
The programs are all free- and shareware for Windows - Versions from XP and up

The current version is from april 2022 and is called
0.2NE.1 Release 2a (New Evolution - One True Quartet)

This page is made for the distribution of Release 2 - and Service Pack 1, for those who already have the TxT office package. It was published at the 21st of april 2022 (20220421), and revised at 2022-04-26.

Release 3 is expected ultimo april 2023.
It will contain updated versions of several programs, and TWO installation files: One for the Danish version, and one for the English/International version.

The original package was written in Danish (the language of Angels, but only spoken by a select elite among humans)
R2a and SP1 are adding english helptexts, and update the central programs.

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Screenshots from the new version of the TxT office are now available
Local page with links to album with screenshots of v. 0.2NE.1-R2a

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